About Me
(I prefer to make it all about you,
but here's a bit of info and how
my experiences may help You).

My Personal Story

First of all, there’s no hard-luck, early struggle in life story.  I grew up in a seaside town with my parents running a guest house on a popular street between the town centre and the seafront.  My father also worked in a family (and later owned his own) gift shop.  I therefore had a very comfortable childhood, always either playing football in parks, messing about on the beach or just wandering or cycling around town with a group of mates.  I went to university, had fun and got an education and was ready  to take on the world.

A first job took me across the country to a rapidly growing town with rapidly growing housing prices to match.  I enjoyed a varied career with a company that I soon learned had a reputation as a company you could work for your whole life life, with several second-generation employees of my age, whose parents still worked there.  This was the first red flag I recognised as something that was not for me.

However the 90s soon forced companies everywhere to acknowledge the realities of a changing market and cuts and redundancies followed.  Having survived the first wave I was looking for a backup plan and noticed a few rare people that worked alongside us, but weren’t employees – FREELANCERS !

A few chats from a particularly open and helpful guy convinced me this was a viable alternative and by the time of the second wave of redundancies I was happy to be selected and start anew.

So followed  a long, enjoyable and challenging period as a freelance IT Software Tester, working for companies around the country and some of the companies I used to looked on enviously, with modern offices and exciting projects.

Olympic Profile

And then I started to notice a few articles about the government wanting to introduce changes as they thought they should be collecting more tax !  Eventually those changes started coming and I noticed another change in the market, mostly around stressed freelancers in the contract market.

So time to get another plan in place.

This time, I remembered the feeling of freedom from my parents running their own businesses.

I soon learned this was an illusion and traditional bricks and mortar businesses were not much better than being an employee.  In fact for most, it was a worse experience with none of the benefits and all of the challenges.  Recent reminisces with family have confirmed this.

I did remember a lesson about the rewards you would have if only you could be your best employee and toughest boss and this prompted a new approach, which was followed by lots of trials and errors and different business ventures.

Eventually, I found the Online world and read a lot, attended lots of events, watched and listened and tried a few ideas out before achieving some success and seeing the unlimited rewards available to make any size of income; from a few hundred a month extra to supplement vocational and beloved businesses to thousands a month to create a dream lifestyle.

As a freelancer and business owner I understand the challenges of starting, growing and running your own business. 

Having realised that the job for life was not real, once the first compulsory redundancy occurred freelancing was my answer with the freedom of choosing who, when and where I worked without the corporate politics or other employee challenges.

Then, outside changes, especially the effect of the pandemic and UK government tax changes meant that the freelance opportunity is also now much tougher and needs additional skills to rise above the market.
So, more recently, alongside the core freelancing skills, other marketing skills have become more important and led to other ventures, which offer  both additional income alongside the freelancing income and a whole separate income streams.

Opportunities and introductions have led to also teaming up with the some of the UKs best online training companies and coaches to help provide courses and mentoring geared towards helping those freelancers like me and other small business owners like my parents and anyone who would like an alternative to the usual 9 to 5 (or 7 to 7 with commutes) lifestyle.

I now partner with established trainers offering everything from large general events to specific opportunities to one-to-one coaching and mentoring.


I use my life experiences and lessons learnt, with a passion for helping people increase profits from their existing businesses or changing direction to live a deserved, truly free lifestyle.

So What Can I Do for You?

As you can hopefully tell, I’m no Guru with a perfect life and all the answers.

However, I have followed a familiar path of Education, Career, Freelance / Self-Employed and found they didn’t fulfil their promise.

The search for My Success has led to some hidden secrets about how easy financial reward can be and how such businesses can provide any desired lifestyle.

All I can do is share some of what I have found and support you on your journey to change your financial future.

I am an avid learner, with a zeal for knowledge that has allowed me to uncover lots of success secrets hidden in plain sight.  I now pass on that knowledge.

I’ve been privileged to work with some great people from all backgrounds, that have become successful in different areas of life.  I now share their ideas, philosophies and training.

One thing I have learnt from all my experiences is that no matter how good we are individually, to truly succeed we need a team.

You therefore have access to great help and support, as we all succeed together.

Need Advice?

Any business query I will do my best to answer, but I know that if I can’t help personally I will know someone or somewhere that can !